"If Scott Amendola didn't exist, the San Francisco music scene would have to invent him."
- Derk Richardson, San Francisco Bay Guardian

"...drummer/signal-treater Scott Amendola is both a tyrant of heavy rhythm and an electric-haired antenna for outworldly messages (not a standard combination)."
- Greg Burk, LA Weekly

"These guys know the difference between playing their asses off and 'jamming'."
- Seattle Weekly

"Amendola has complete mastery of every piece of his drumset and the ability to create a plethora of sounds using sticks, brushes, mallets, and even his hands."
- Steven Raphael, Modern Drummer Magazine

"Amendola, certainly the most accomplished and inventive drummer on the local scene, maintains a constant flurry of percussive sounds - drums, cymbals, tom-toms - smoothly shifting dynamics and rhythmic emphasis."
- Phil Elwood, San Francisco Examiner, January 29, 1998

"Scott Amendola... knows how to pour on the juice, but he also cultivates a ritual tribalism."
- Nils Jacobson, www.allaboutjazz.com

"Scott Amendola is quickly becoming my favorite drummer in all of drummerdom...Always innovative and inventive, he doesn't beat around the bush (no pun intended), he doesn't seem to beat a single square inch of drum that doesn't deserve to get beaten, but he's always fooling around, always in your face, going crazy with that irresistible smile on his face."
- Steve Palopoli, Good Times, November 20, 1997

"Drawing on blues, hymns, spirituals, and compositional tactics employed by Wayne Shorter and Charles Mingus, Amendola engages his players fully so that each piece develops its own particular chemistry, growing from the drummers elaborate but well-defined beats."
- Andrew Gilbert, East Bay Express

"Scott Amendola be trippin'. His sound is like being slapped in the face with a rare steak doused in a great wine sauce. Get messy..."
- Greg Burk, LA Weekly

"...his albums with the Scott Amendola Band make it clear that he's also an exceptional composer and arranger. " Peter Margasak, Chicago Reader

"Amendola introduces subtle chaos with loopy electronics, but the strength of the tunes keeps them from slipping into sound for sound’s sake." - Ben Taylor, Time Out Chicago

"...Amendola beneath everything, fanning out like Elvin Jones or driving from the pocket like Michael Shrieve. And he’s developed that rare drummer’s skill of breathing with the music ˜ playing slow, soft, and tight enough to pump its heart without making it thump too much...Eclectic, playful, strung with tuneful passages that suggest joy and sorrow, and blessed by the presence of excellent improvisers, this music is very human. Not jazz, not rock, not avant-garde ˜ simply touching, strong, and graceful". Ted Drozdowski, Boston Phoenix

“...sometimes it’s sad and haunting, sometimes it’s wild and fast. It’s not really jazz; and it’s definitely not funk, though it is funky. It’s something I haven’t heard before and thus, it impresses me.” JWS Portland weekly

"The results are consistently engaging, both emotionally and intellectually, the product of a fertile and inventive musical imagination." -Don Heckman, LA Times

"...a potent alchemy that works magic in and between the quietest folk-tinged textures and the noisiest rhythm'n'raunch, all beyond the borders that conventionally define jazz rock."-Derk Richardson, San Francisco Bay Guardian on the new album "CRY"

“His own band... jumps off a jazz platform and bounces through everything from Bob Dylan and Fela Kuti covers to originals that can breathe like bop ballads or bonk you in the nose with avant-pop noise. In Theory, one could easily accuse them of trickery and shiftiness, but they’re too talented to be mere dilettantes. More like Chameleons.” Portland, OR Press

“(scott amendola) is creating space for his broad-ranging sensibilities, making it clear that he has become a bandleader not to exert more control but to make way for more freedom.” Metro, San Jose, April, 2001

“Swinging roots keep this drum master’s bands blowing minds.” Scott Adler, San Francisco Magazine, 10/2001

“Drummers will drive you nuts refusing to narrow down what music they like; ‘Everything’, they’ll often say. This is, a beatman of Scott Amendola’s caliber can make you like everything too. From the biggest rock stomp to the freest jazz abstraction, he’s got the groove to draw you in, and the compositional chops to keep you listening. You might have heard him in Charlie Hunters bump-flowing outfit, or G.E. Stinson’s noise explosions, but for a while he’s been leading his own unpredictable groups- you don’t know what to expect except that it’ll be good.” Greg Burk, LA Weekly







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