L. Stinkbug – The Allure of Roadside Curios


1. Chopped Up and Laid End to End (12:29)
2. Holiday In Flames (15:40)
3. Play (Some Music) (26:42)
4. Beacon (16:30)

G.E. Stinson – electric guitars, implements
Steuart Liebig – contrabassguitars, applied tools
Nels cline – electric guitar, stuff
Scott Amendola – drums, percussion, hair

All music improvised by L. Stinkbug ©2002 & p2002

Recorded live at Bruno’s, San Francisco, CA on June 7 & 8 by Jeff Cressman
Mixed at Newzone Studio, Los Angeles, CA by Wayne Peet + Nels and G.E.

Cover photography and design by Carla Bozulich

(©2002 Starlight Furniture Co.)